Sport Injuries

What makes Kilcullen Physiotherapy Clinic the right choice for sports injuries? 

Our expert team will help you to get back to full fitness in the safest and shortest time possible.

Prompt assessment and diagnosis is vital to successful treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

All our physiotherapists have extensive sports injury experience at both national and international level.


We treat the following sport injuries at our clinic: 

Ankle sprains                                                      Osteitis pubis
Hamstring strains and ruptures                         Dislocated shoulders
Achilles tendonitis                                              Cruciate Ligament tears
Shin splints                                                          Meniscal injuries

Stress fractures                                                  Ligament tears

Groin injuries                                                      Tennis elbow

Jumper’s knee Bursitis                                       Patellofemoral syndrome


How can physiotherapy help sports injuries?

Post-injury or post-operative physiotherapy has three aims:

  1. To prevent further injury
  2. To return the athlete to health as quickly as possible
  3. To get the athlete back to his or her sport in the shortest possible time

Of course, physiotherapy is not the only element in returning a patient to full mobility following a sports injury, but it plays an integral part.