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Welcome to Kilcullen Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

We are a dedicated team of Chartered Physiotherapists who provide a highly skilled physiotherapy service that is tailored to each individual client.

Kilcullen Physiotherapy Clinic was founded by Anne Shortt in 2008. Anne obtained her BSc Physiotherapy degree from University of Ulster, Belfast and has over 20 years of private practice experience in the UK & Ireland.

Anne specialises in the treatment and management of musculo-skeletal conditions. Simply put this means problems with muscles, bones and joints.


The most common conditions relate to backs, necks and knees, but of course can include problems with ankles, feet, chest and hands – anything to do with muscles, bones and joints. As a result, Anne treats many sports and work-related injuries as well as injuries caused by no apparent exertion.


As a result of her extended experience and education Anne has worked with many top sports athletes as well as hundreds of non-sporting clients. and has provided Physiotherapy cover for the Irish Eventing team at Olympic games, World and European Championships.


At Kilcullen Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide a hands-on approach to the healing process, applying the latest techniques to restore movement, manage pain and promote recovery.


Our breadth and depth of experience guarantees our patients consistent, long-term results and our person-centred approach means that we remember you and your history, for fast interventions should a new problem arise, or an old problem re-occur.


We continually invest in our team to ensure that we are trained to the highest level and we provide the most up to date equipment and technology, which ensures the best possible outcomes for our patients.


Our physiotherapy approach is to conduct a thorough assessment of your symptoms and devise a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and fully explained to you. Examples of our treatment includes:

  • Hands-on treatments such as joint mobilisations, manipulation and massage – all designed to reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • Ultrasound, interferential or laser treatment all described as electrotherapy – essentially a means of stimulating the body’s own healing properties.
  • Dry Needling and/or Acupuncture – again methods that promotes the body’s own healing system
  • Orthotics for your shoes – which help improve posture, which in turn can help with pain relief and mobility
  • Pilates – a form of specific exercises mostly designed to improve core stability (strength) which can reduce pain, promote mobility, improve performance and minimise the risk of your problems returning in the future
  • Tailored exercise programs – to keep you working on your recovery between your sessions.


We will discuss any important lifestyle factors such as desk posture and exercise activity that may need to be adjusted to help you recover.


If you have injured yourself at home, work or on the sporting field, our Chartered Physiotherapists will help you understand your condition, recover quicker and minimise your chance of re-injury.





Anne Shortt MISCP  Chartered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director


Anne is a very approachable local physiotherapist who is passionate about getting her patients back to what they want and need to do. She treats back, neck, pelvic and limb problems using a very practical approach.

She treats and advises all ages; all abilities and has a reputation for teaching patients how to manage their own condition themselves.

A graduate of the University of Ulster, she has enjoyed a distinguished career treating elite Soccer, GAA and Jockey athletes and worked as physiotherapist supporting the Irish Equestrian team in Olympic, World and European Championships 2002 – 2008.

Her 20 years in private physiotherapy started in the UK. But as a native of Kilcullen, Anne established her practice in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare in 2008, where she is an embedded part of the community.

Anne has also been Chair of the Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice organisation and a member on the Board of The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists and has spoken at International conferences on physiotherapy.